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Embracing the Unexpected: When Snow Brings Your Outdoor Wedding Indoors, Let the Flowers Pr0vide the Sunshine

Picture this – a winter wonderland unfolds on your wedding day, unexpected snowflakes gently falling from the sky. While the idea of an outdoor ceremony may be buried under the snow, the magic is far from lost. That's exactly what happened with Rachel and James for their marigold inspired October wedding in Colorado. In this blog post, we'll explore the enchantment that unfolds when vibrant and sunny flowers take center stage indoors, turning a snowy situation into a truly magical celebration.

While Plan A was to have a sun-soaked outdoor ceremony, the weather had different plans. Our couple had the right approach to this situation: flexibility and an open heart. Remember, the most important element of your wedding day is the love you share, regardless of the weather. By the week of the wedding, our team knew there was a high likelihood that the ceremony was going to be moved inside. And with that, the wheels were put into motion to begin reimagining their wedding ceremony inside. With complete trust from our couple, we put our creative designs skills to work to ensure their Plan B would not fall short of their wedding dreams.

wedding chuppah arch with orange flowers and greenery

The original design for the outdoor ceremony was to have a vibrant, orange marigold "hedgerow" behind the last row of chairs, while the large, outdoor arch structure would be dressed in a variety of blooms: peach and rust dahlia, peach roses, vibrant marigolds, taupe carnations, tangerine ranunculus. However since the indoor ceremony arch structure was much smaller, we had to reconfigure how we would disperse the extra blooms. We were determined to make the floral design as impactful as it would have been if we were outside (if not more impactful!).

One new design element we introduced to create further impact throughout the indoor space was to line the ceremony aisle with little ground-gardens bursting with flowers. To make the transition from the all-marigold hedgerow to the mixed bloom arch feel intentional in the enclosed space, we decide to design the ground-gardens read in a transition: the designs closest to the marigold hedgerow would be all marigolds, and as they approached the arch, the designs became more mixed. The result was better than we could have imagined!

orange marigold flowers

Another design detail we implemented at the last minute was a stunning fireplace mantle design composed of all marigolds, to compliment and mirror the marigold hedgerow at the ceremony. Once the ceremony concluded, wedding guests enjoyed cocktails by the roaring fire adorned with these gorgeous, orange blooms. All the while, snow was falling peacefully outside. Between the warm fireplace and the vibrant floral color palette, we believe no one felt the cold!

When snow unexpectedly blankets your wedding day, let it be the backdrop to a magical celebration where sunny flowers take center stage. Embrace the unexpected. Let our creative and experienced design team transform your indoor venue into a blooming haven that radiates warmth and joy. In the end, your wedding day will be a testament to the magical union of love and the beauty that can bloom, even in the midst of a winter wonderland.

Floral: Yarrow & Spruce

Rental Decor: The Borrowing Bride


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