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Hi There!

I am so glad you are here! I am Sheilan, the owner + head designer at Yarrow & Spruce. And I am here to tell you that flowers should never be stressful. I believe that good floral design impacts you in unexpected, magical ways, and that life is always better with flowers. So sit back, relax, and get ready for the magic.

About Me


Some of my earliest memories are centered around flowers.


As a child, I would spend afternoons helping my dad in his garden. The smell of geraniums still takes me back to those warm Colorado afternoons helping him dead-head his massive petunia plants. I would create dandelion flower crowns, and gather wildflowers from along the creek by our house, and imagine what my wedding bouquet might look like someday.

Life can take you fun and unimaginable places, and during my twenties I found myself traveling all around the world with my soon-to-be husband, Ian. I was addicted to the adventure of seeing new places, trying new foods, learning new languages, and meeting new people.


But all along the way, I never stopped noticing the flowers. 

Tulip stands in the spring along highways in the Pacific Northwest. Marigold fields bursting into flame for Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico. Blooming lotus ponds reflecting the Buddhist temples in Emei Shan, China. Cherry blossom lined river walks in Osaka, Japan. A botanic garden overflowing with roses in a rainbow of colors in Lyon, France.


I began working professionally with flowers in the January of 2018 under a highly regarded boutique florist in Denver. In May of 2021 I decided to begin my own flower adventure, and created Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company.

Me and my team of skilled floral designers would love to help you notice the flowers as you create your own cherished memories.