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Sheilan Hardi Mueller, owner floral design at Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company

Life is brighter surrounded by flowers.

For a long time, Yarrow & Spruce was a seedling of an idea — a dream of mine to capture enduring stories and beauty through florals. With

Yarrow & Spruce now in full bloom, I’m lucky to create bespoke, luxurious and garden-like scenes for lovers, event designers and anyone else that believes in the magic of flowers.

Sheilan Hardi Mueller, owner floral design at Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company. Tulips grown my She Grows Flower Farm

Growing up in the garden.

Flowers have always moved me. Growing up in Colorado, my childhood was mostly spent helping my dad in his garden.

The air of geraniums, peonies and marigolds transports me back to those warm summer days, picking dandelions, making floral crowns and pressing every petal so as to never forget it.

Passionate to share the tangible nostalgia that flowers have given me, I welcomed Yarrow & Spruce to the world.

Colorado wedding and event florist

A bunch of hopeless romantics.

Romantic, thoughtful and luxurious florals designed to make you feel. Our talented team at Yarrow & Spruce wrangles the most luxurious blooms and stems to create immersive installations, sprawling garden canopies, intricate centerpieces and stunning bridal bouquets.

Our boutique studio collaborates with a range of independent creatives and floral artists, who elevate every design with their imagination, craftsmanship and talent.

Weaving memory and personal style through seasonal flowers and sustainable practices, we’re devoted to producing arrangements that will stay with you forever.

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