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Seasonally Inspired. Sustainably Driven.

A Philosophy, Inspired by Nature.

It’s simple: we’re in the floral game because we’re obsessed with nature. Floristry doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sustainability, so we’re always exploring new ways we can respect our planet, reduce our carbon footprint and celebrate nature’s greatest splendors — all while bringing you the most beautiful floral designs.

Sustainable wedding florist Yarrow & Spruce, She Grows Flower Garden tulips. Sheilan Hardi Mueller

We Pick Local Flowers.

Where possible, we use locally-grown, seasonal flowers to reduce shipping-related omissions and support our local community. We love to collaborate with flower co-ops like Colorado Flower Collective, Red Daisy Farm, She Grows, and many others across the Denver Front Range.

We Use Less Plastic.

We’ve crafted a design approach that doesn’t rely on single-use plastics, such as floral foam. The majority of our mechanics use materials that can be reused or composted. And while we are not perfect, we are constantly exploring ways to improve and develop our sustainable practices.

Sustainable wedding flower design, Colorado Compost, Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company.

We Compost, Recycle & Upcycle.

The majority of our green waste is composted through Compost Colorado to prevent landfill waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2023 alone, we composted almost one ton of waste.  In addition, we recycle our candle wax, and are proud to use fully compostable alternatives to floral foam (a single use plastic), including Oshun Pouch and  Agra Wool.

We Are Community Leaders.

In 2024, the Sustainable Florist Club was established to serve the Coloral floral community, and beyond. Created in partnership by Yarrow & Spruce, Emma Lea Floral, and Rowdy Poppy, our mission is to foster a safe and inclusive community for floral designers centered around conversation, collaboration, and support, to nurture a culture of sustainability.  

three women with flower frogs by wine barrels
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