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You'll look fab on your wedding day. Your flowers should too.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

There is no skirting around it. Your wedding day will be long. From the restless-with-excitement night before, to waking up early to begin your beauty prep, to countless photos, socializing, and dance moves, you will be going none stop from dawn till dusk.

And just like your hair, makeup, and dress, you want your flowers to look as beautiful from the first photo to the last. Keep reading to learn some florist-approved tips to ensuring your wedding flowers look (almost) as fabulous as you.

Consider the season

One of the easiest ways to ensure your flowers are fresh and beautiful is to consider the season. By using seasonal blooms in your wedding florals, not only can you feel good about how they will look, but also you are making an environmentally friendly choice. While you might be able to get peonies for your October wedding, odds are they won't look amazing and were probably shipped in from a different country.

Colorado is fortunate to have several amazing flower farms, and a generous growing season. Yarrow & Spruce is proud to be able to work with several local farms to not only guarantee you get the best flowers, but to also contribute to a our community is a sustainable way. Some of the farms and co-ops we work with are Red Daisy Farm, Blossom & Branch Farm, Florabee Flowers, Rooted Farmers, and Colorado Flower Collective.

Consider the application

Another important details to consider when planning your wedding florals is each floral items application. Will the item be out of water for periods of time (like your bridal bouquet)? Will it be inside where it's temperature controlled (like your cake flowers), or outside in the sun (like your ceremony arch)? Will it be something you and your guests will see up close (like your centerpieces), or is it background decor (like a greenery chandelier)?

It is possible to create a beautiful, cohesive look with mixed flowers and greenery, while still striving to consider the environment each flower will be in. Yarrow & Spruce is happy to help guide you through this decision making process. Check out our Pinterest boards on hardy and delicate flowers to get some inspiration!

Consider dried flowers

At Yarrow & Spruce, we are so excited that the trend of dried flowers has caught on. Blooms take on a different type of beauty when dried, and are a great option for brides who are getting married during the winter season, love texture, or want something less traditional.

It is possible to do a mixture of fresh and dried blooms, or 100% dried. Not only are dried blooms a sustainable option, you will be able to enjoy them forever!

Whatever your floral vision, Yarrow & Spruce would love to help you make it come to life!

Florals by: Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company, The Ruffly Rose

Photos by: Mat Schramm Photo, Drake & Co Photography

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