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Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, anymore

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

For most, the word "wreath" conjures up something basic and lackluster: the traditional evergreen wreath with a red bow. They are a bit of an afterthought holiday decoration, often overshadowed by Christmas trees, string lights, and inflatable reindeer.

We are here to say that wreaths today have become beautiful expressions of the season, and that they aren't just for Christmas anymore. While a winter wreath with a red velvet bow will always have a place in our hearts, we want to share with you the different ways you can create and display wreaths all year round.

Grapevine Wreaths

If you are fortunate enough to have a grape vine in your yard, and you feel crafty, you can pull up numerous videos online on how to weave and bend your own grapevine wreath. If not, they are widely available at craft and garden stores, and online in various sizes. They are a great way to get into wreath designing, and they are forgiving to work with. It can be as simple as tucking in fresh or dried ingredients! And with a few simple swaps, you can seamlessly transition your wreaths to suit the season.

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: Stunning Wreath Decorating Ideas to Adorn Your Home All Season Long

My husband and I purchased our first home through Redfin, so when they reached out to us and other experts from Victoria, BC, to Tampa, FL, for our best wreath decorating ideas to adorn your home, we were more than happy to share our suggestions for making a seasonal grapevine wreath. Whether your style is whimsical and playful or rustic and organic, take a look at the article for wreath design ideas from us and other experts to find one (or a couple) that’ll speak to your home’s aesthetic.

Hoop Wreaths

A less traditional but equally beautiful wreath design is to design on a metal hoop. For a temporary display, use floral tape and/or wire to attach fresh greenery and hardy blooms. For a long lasting design, do a display of dried flowers, greens, and grasses. Most local florists (including us!) have a beautiful selection of dried stems available for purchase. Or if you have the space, you can dry your own by collecting blooms from your garden, and hanging them upside down. Some of our favorite items to dry are yarrow, larkspur, snapdragons, amaranth, strawflower, eucalyptus, and dusty miller.

Working with dried items is a little more difficult due to their fragility. We recommend using wire and hot-glue to attach your items to your hoop. For any grassy items that might shed once dried, hit them with a touch of hairspray to prevent them from making a huge mess!

Yarrow & Spruce Wreaths

We understand that DIY projects aren't for everyone, so we have a selection of wreath offerings available in our online store, including:

Have another wreath related question? Drop us a line in the messages!

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