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  • Sheilan Mueller

When your best friend gets married.

Weddings are by far one of my favorite things. Simply gathering in the name of love is special on its own. Then sprinkle in music, dancing, wine, and food, and you have the recipe for good old fashioned fun. Not to mention all of the loving details in planning the day, and joyful anticipation of the couples future life together.

When my best friend Zack told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend Katy, my heart was so full. Zack was the best man at mine and my husband's wedding, so I was not surprised when he got down on one knee and "proposed" to my husband that he now be his best man. What I did not expect was for Zack to also take a knee and ask me to be his groomswoman. It was a hilarious moment, and of course I said, "Yes!".

I was further surprised and honored when Zack and Katy asked me if I would design florals for their wedding day. I have designed countless weddings, but the excitement of getting to create wedding flowers for my best friend was one of the greatest feelings!

Katy was a wonderful bride to work with. Their wedding took place on a warm October day at Balistreri Vineyards in Denver, Colorado. The bridal party colors were burgundy, navy, and grey, so she knew she wanted to incorporate wine-colored tones into her florals. To lighten the palette and add more depth, I worked in various shades of reds, subtle pops of blush and peach with kahala roses and ranunculus, and touches of dusty blues. October is the tail end of dahlia season in Colorado, so I knew I would want to incorporate locally sourced dahlias from the amazing Red Daisy Farm.

Katy's wedding dress was beautiful sweetheart, lace gown with a train. To compliment the texture of her gown and to create a garden look, I worked in rosehips, pampas grass, privet berry and eryngium. The trailing dusty blue silk ribbon complimented the custom blue suit Zack had made for the special day.

Needless to say, it was such a special day watching my best friend marry the love of life, and to be able to contribute to the memory in more than one way!

Florist: Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company

Photographer: Mat Schramm Photography

Venue & Catering: Balistreri Vineyards

Wedding Gown: Brilliant Bridal

Hair: Amanda Barnstable with Roots and Mane

Makeup: Hailey Shipman with Suite Remedy

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