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  • Sheilan Mueller

To say I love flowers is an understatement.

Flowers are woven into the fabric of my childhood.

Having grown up on a farm property in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, my days were spent climbing trees, catching crawdads, and collecting flowers. I would sit in the shade of our giant cottonwood and make dandelion flower crowns for me and my dog. I'd meticulously pick ants off of my dad’s peony bushes, because I didn’t want them to hurt the flowers. You could open almost any book on my bookshelf and find flowers from our garden smooshed in there to be pressed and dried. And the smell of geraniums will always pull me back to these memories.

As a young adult, I was fortunate to travel all around the world. While there are so many sites to see and lessons to learn through travel, I consistently was drawn to the natural beauty of destinations. Some of my favorite memories have been centered around flowers. Tulip stands in the spring along highways in the Pacific Northwest. Marigold fields bursting in flaming orange for the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico. Blooming lotus ponds reflecting Buddhist temples in Emei Shan, China. Cherry blossom lined river walks in Osaka, Japan. A botanic garden overflowing with roses in a rainbow of colors in Lyon, France.

After almost a decade of travel, my husband and I decided it was time to “settle down”, which is another way of saying we wanted to adopt a dog. We purchased our first home and adopted our sweet Winnie. In addition, I began working a job that did not bring me joy. I hit a wall, and was burnt out and unhappy.

Sometimes it does feel like the universe is in control, because the day after I took a leap of faith to quit my job without having a new one lined up, a floral designer position opened up at a sweet little boutique flower shop in Denver. I jumped on the opportunity, and was grateful to receive a job offer! I dug in and immersed myself in all things flowers, trying to learn as much as possible.

Almost four years later, I am so excited to begin my own flower business journey with Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company. I can't wait to help spread joy to others through flowers. I am so grateful for every bloom I’ve met along the way, and can't wait to see what blooms are in my future.

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